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July 14, 2015

Would you be reading this if English was your second, or even third language? It’s a fact that people are several times more likely to read pages in their own language.


We all know the internet gives huge opportunities for doing business with other countries, and the phrase everyone speaks English just doesn’t cut it any more. The translation of your website into another language means opening your business to the entire marked covered by this language, making your services accessible for a huge number of new possible clients.


Do your competitors translate their website material? If so it could be time for you to follow. Call OSW now on 0800 018 8895 to discuss the different options available to you.


As with all our services, we offer you the flexibility you need. Just as some of our clients would shudder at the thought of adding even English text to their sites, others are ready for the challenge of working with different languages.

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