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July 16, 2015



China, New Zealand, Patagonia, Iceland, … There are just too many places to see in our beautiful world!


So, how to decide where to go next? It’s a quite hard decision to make, as the days of one’s holidays are limited and also the piggy bank is usually not as well-fed as it could be. The best solution might be to ask yourself if you prefer the mountains or the ocean, burning sunshine or cold breezes, relaxing in a quiet place or a lot of action and culture in a big city… Maybe the best way to figure out where to go next is to close your eyes, take a deep breath and imagine walking through a beautiful landscape. What does the landscape look like? Where could you find a place like that? If after that you still are not sure where to go, ask yourself which place would be the one to go to if it would be your last journey, that will help a lot.


If you’ve finally chosen your next destination, you can already start planning your trip. This means that there are a lot of different things to consider: what is the best time to travel to this country? Will it be possible to communicate with the people there in English, or is it necessary to learn some basic phrases in the language spoken in this country? Do I need a visa or any kind of vaccination? How much will it cost and how much time do I need to do everything I want to do there? And so on… But no matter how complicated planning might be – in the end you will see that all the new experiences and all the interesting people you meet and things you do are absolutely worth it! And don’t forget – especially the adventures which might seem a bit stressful or scary at first will one day probably become the best stories to tell to your grandchildren!




Do you already know where your next journey is going to take you? If you aren’t quite sure about which will be your next destination, maybe you’ll find some inspiration HERE.

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