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Team Members Profile

Team Members Profile


Projects Assistant


  • I am Viktoria from Austria and I am Project Assistant at OSW Multilingual
  • I have a Masters Degree in Translation Studies (French and Russian to German) from the University of Innsbruck, Austria
  • My mother tongue is German, and I am fluent in French, Russian, English and Spanish
  • During my studies I spent some time in Belgium, Russia, France and Spain for exchange semesters and internships
  • Expert in intercultural communication, German translation and proofreading
  • I am interested in Russian culture, my final thesis was about the indigenous people of the Russian Republic of Yakutia, where I spent my second exchange semester after my Erasmus in Belgium
  You can contact me on: victoria@osw.uk.com     < Go back to the team



  • A Masters degree holder from Manchester University in Optical Physics, in 1986
  • Trained on operating Heidelberg GTO-52 printing press
  • Manager of Nibras Ltd 1988-1992, specialised in Linotype CRTronic typesetting
  • Founded Orient Script in 1992, which became Orient Script Worldwide, then abbreviated to OSW
  • Since 2003, active in Human Rights and Middle-Eastern politics
  • Also, amateur Astronomer since the age of 15
  • Native language: Arabic
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Subtitling Manager


  • I am Simona and I come from Kaunas, the second largest town in Lithuania.
  • Studied Audiovisual Translation at Vilnius University and joined OSW in 2015.
  • An expert in Subtitling. I also have vast experience in the field of audiovisual translation.
  • If you need well-edited and professional subtitles in any world language, I'm the one to call!
  • Also, I love singing in a Choir 🙂
  • Native language: Lithuanian
  You can contact me on: simona@osw.uk.com  
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Projects Manager


  • I am Victoria and I am a Projects Manager at OSW Multilingual
  • Born in Kaunus, a beautiful city in Lithuania. Studied Translation management at Vilnius University.
  • Quite charming on the phone and has excellent management skills.
  • Expert in Adobe InDesign for typesetting multilingual projects.
  You can contact me on: info@osw.uk.com  
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Spanish Expert


  • I was born in Argentina, studied in Florida and London
  • Completed my Bachelor degree in 1983 from Universidad de Belgrano - Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Bilingual (English/Spanish) with extensive experience as a translator in a variety of fields#
  • Proficient use of SDL Trados Studio 2014, Wordfast and Acrobat Professional 8.0
  • Joined OSW Multilingual in 2013
  You can contact me on: liliana@osw.uk.com  
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Arabic Expert


Chinese Expert


  • Yang Yunping 杨云平, a bachelor’s degree holder from Hefei University of Technology since 1991, and majoring in Mechanical Design and Manufacturing.
  • Has translated a wide range of technical documents for over 20 years.
  • Can work on translation memory software: SDLX, SDL TRADOS 2014 and Xbench.
  • Joined the team of OSW in 2013
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French Expert

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  • My name is Romane, I’m from France and I am OSW's French Expert.
  • I studied Translation, Communication and Management in Paris, at ISIT.
  • Expert in French subtitling and proofreading.
  • Experienced in DTP with InDesign for multilingual projects.
  • Passionate about travelling - I love discovering new cultures and meeting people from different countries.
  • I’ve lived in Spain for one year, in Fuerteventura and Malaga, doing internships and participating in the Erasmus Studies programme.
  • I speak French, English, Spanish and Italian.
  You can contact me at romane@osw.uk.com   < Go back to the team  


Russian Expert


  • I am Egor and I come from Tver, the city located not far away from Moscow, and my mother tongue is Russian.
  • I completed my Masters degree in linguistics in 2006 from Tver State University, the foreign languages and translation department.
  • Received letters of thanks from Russian notaries who had found my translation services to be a great source of assistance.
  • Joined the team of OSW in early 2010.
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Portuguese Expert


  • Bilingual (English / Portuguese)
  • Working as a translator since 2000, joined OSW in 2007
  • Diploma in Translation (English to Portuguese)
  • Also teacher of English as a foreign language (TOEFL)
  • Translated several cookery programmes from Portuguese into English, opened and managed a small vegetarian restaurant
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