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Despite the complexity of our latest subtitling project, which had to be transcribed, translated and subtitled in both Arabic and French, OSW successfully managed to provide us with high-quality subtitled videos. They were always strongly committed and went the extra mile to meet our standards and deadlines. Mike Todd, Director, Digital Training Solutions  

I would highly recommend using  OSW for any type of translation. They are the only agency that has been able to turn work round quickly enough to meet my deadlines. We often use them to translate complex legal documents and they have never let us down. I have been able to develop a great working relationship with the staff and they truly understand my needs - they are all very helpful and always go the extra mile to accommodate me. Jacky Cragg, Granada Factuals

We have worked with OSW for years. We are delighted with the quality of the translation service, the speed of response and the competitive price. Mark Sacco Corporate Affairs Manager Newcastle College

OSW are professional, efficient and very user friendly! They recently met our requirements for a female Farsi speaker to be available on 24 hours notice to assist in three interviews. Where would we be without them! Barbara Smith, JWP Solicitors (Client since 2006)

OSW has supplied Town Talk Polish with high quality translations for our multi-lingual leaflets since 2001. We have been very impressed with the speed of service and the competitive prices and shall continue to use OSW for all our future translation needs. Vince Ball, Town Talk Polish

OSW has helped Chevin Housing Association by providing us with translation services in a drive to make our literature accessible to all of our Customers. OSW has been helpful, reliable and thoroughly professional at all times when dealing with our varied requests. OSW’s flexible approach has also meant that we have managed to save thousands of pounds on translation costs. Prices quoted by other similar organisations were much more expensive.  D Colclough, Chevin Housing Association

We were very pleased with the professionalism of OSW during the production of a CD which had 20 different translations within it. In particular, OSW were able to suggest the best ways that the work could be done and were always available when we needed to discuss the project. Phil Williams, Careers Europe

As a contracted supplier to the Healthcare Commission, OSW provides translations for promotional information for the Commission, as well as for more sensitive issues such as confidential queries and complaints. In all projects OSW has maintained a high level of discretion and professionalism, assisting us in our aim to improve communications with our service users. Abi Meredith, The Healthcare Commission

Sign Language Interpreting

What is Sign Language Interpreting?


Sign language has helped deaf and hard of hearing people to communicate for centuries and is now widely used across the planet among the Deaf community. It is visual way of communicating using gestures, facial expressions and body language. It can be very complex, as every country has its own sign language, and it can even differ from one region to another within a same country.


Obviously, not everyone knows how to sign. This is why Sign Language Interpreters are essential. They transfer a spoken language into a signed language or a sign language to a foreign sign language. Interpreters use their skill and knowledge of the two languages, as well as their understanding of cultural differences, to convert a message in one language into the other language.


A little bit of history


Several associations gather the British Sign Language Interpreters.

It all started with Signature, a charity whose aim is to improve communication between deaf and hearing people in the UK. It offers a way to evaluate one’s qualifications and skills when it comes to communication with deaf and deaf blind people.


In 1982, Signature (at that time called the Council for the Advancement of Communication with Deaf People) established the first register of sign language interpreters. Holders of the Deaf Welfare Examining Board’s (DWEB) qualifications became founder members of the Register of Interpreters.

As the number of registered sign language interpreters increased in the 1990’s, the Independent Registration Panel (IRP) was created in 2002, followed by the ACE/Deafblind Registration Panel in 2006.


Finally, at the end of 2008, the Independent Registration Panel and ACE/Deafblind Panel were disbanded. Shortly after, the National Register of Communication Professionals working with Deaf and Deafblind People (NRCPD) was established. This register gathers all of the most qualified sign language interpreters in the UK.


As for the Association of Sign Language Interpreters (ASLI), it was established in 1987 in order to provide a forum for professional discussion on all issues relating to sign language interpreting. The ASLI has allowed the standards of interpreting to rise, but also trainings, research and the provision of information for interpreters and consumers.



Why you should come to us


At OSW, we strongly believe that everyone should be able to communicate at the same level –a hearing deficiency shouldn’t prevent anyone from understanding and being understood.


We have a team of experienced registered Sign Language Interpreters, of diverse mother tongues and specialized in a large variety of different fields. Our interpreters always prepare before any assignment, by making research about the subject and the people involved. By requesting our services for your Sign Language Interpreting needs, you can be sure that your projects manager will match you with the perfect interpreter.


No matter the sign language, the type of event and the deadline, we will go the extra mile to provide you with the perfect interpreter for a very competitive price.


Contact us by email or call us (0800 0188895) to get a free quote.


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