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July 16, 2015

Being bilingual boosts your brain power! Do you speak more than one language? And did you know that there is a common European guideline to describe ones level of language skills in foreign languages? This guideline is called CERF – the Common European Framework of Reference:



If you start to study a new language the first level you will have to achieve is A1, which says that you are able to understand and use familiar expressions, talk about yourself and have a conversation with somebody who is willing to speak slowly and clearly. With A2 there are already more subjects you can hold conversations about and your ability to express yourself is slightly higher than with the previous level. The next levels are B1 and B2, which describe an intermediate level of language knowledge, and after that you reach C1, that means advanced or proficiency, which is the last level before C2 – mastery or proficiency.


Find out your CEFR level here

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