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Which languages can you translate?


Because of our large database of experienced freelance translators around the world we can provide translations in  over 120 languages and dialects.


How do I know your translators are qualified?


Over the last 22 years our database of translators has been both expanded and refined.  Our recruitment procedures are in line with the BS EN 15038 translation standard, which means that our translators have finished advanced translation studies and have at least five years of professional experience in translation and other areas such as  law, medicine, engineering, finance, or the humanities.


How much will it cost to have my document translated?


Unfortunately, we cannot answer this question without seeing your documents. The price depends on a lot of things: Language pair(s), length of the document, area(s) of expertise and requested turnaround. However, you can find out the price of your translation very easily. Just ask for a quote and we will get back to you within 1 hour.


How long will the translation take?


It’s hard to tell because the time frame depends on your document that needs to be translated. However, we can assure you that we will deliver the highest quality translations as soon as possible. Also, we provide translation of certificates within just 24 hours!


Do you provide certified translations?


Yes. All of our translations are certified and stamped, and we can provide additional certification such as affidavits or notarisations upon request.


How can I deliver my documents?


We are able to receive your documents in a variety of ways, such as by mail (22 Greenheys, Pencroft Way, Manchester Science Park, Manchester M15 6JJ), email, skype (osw.translation), or you could drop them off at our office, Monday-Friday from 9am to 5pm.


What about confidentiality?


OSW takes confidentiality and security very seriously. We can assure you that all translations remain confidential, as confidentiality procedure is an integral part of our EN 15038:2006 accreditation. Everyone at OSW, from our project managers and staff to our translators, recognises the importance of protecting your information.


My translation looks like jumbled letters and symbols! Why is it like that?


It sounds like you do not have the correct fonts installed on your system. We can help with this, either by retyping your document into system compatible fonts or by sending you a PDF so that you can see what the text should be like.


What’s the difference between interpreting and translation?


Translation is the rendering of written text from one language (source language) into another (target language) while interpreting is translation of spoken text. Interpreting is usually done face to face, but can also be done through a telephone. Interpreters are often used in courts, for medical appointments, meetings and at high-profile events.


I visited your office – where do you hide your translators?!


As this is the age of fast internet and computers, we don’t need to have an office filled with translators. Instead we have a large database of experienced freelance translators around the world. In this way we can offer you the best quality as your documents are translated by mother-tongue translators who are specialists in their fields.


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